Tactics in Intercept

Space tactics

“You understand that there is no case in military history where an Enclosure has been completed that the attacking forces have not eventually won, except where an outside Navy exists in sufficient force to break the Enclosure.” – Bel Riose

Ship tactics “The individual has been trained in the operation of a starship or space ship in battle”. Ship tactics can control a group of ships with the same position, vector and facing as the Tacticians ship, all commanded ships must still have Pilots but on ships smaller than 500 m3 (100 dTon)?the Pilot and Ship tactician can be the same person, roll once with the lowest of the two skills in that case instead of the lowest degree of success of the Tactician and Pilot on the commanded ship.

Fleet tactics “The individual has been trained in the use of formations and maneuvers in naval operations”. Fleet tactics extend the range of ships the Tactician can command, they must still have the same vector and facing.

Ship tactics and Fleet tactics has been part of Traveller ever since High Guard was published by GDW way back.

So, what then does the two space combat tactics skills do? In ships where the Pilot and Tactician is the same person, which is only allowed with ships less than 500 m3 (100 dTon), roll the Pilot task with the lowest skill of Pilot or Tactics. If the Pilot and Tactician is not the same person you roll one Pilot task and one Tactics task and use the lowest result. The result then applies to all ship under the Tacticians command, for both turning and Initiative purposes. The task or tasks are always rolled vs the largest modified Size ship under command, modified by Hull and Crew damage as usual.

There is one more advantage for a group of ships under Tactician command; they may group identical weapons as a single battery even when coming from different ships. A hundred single gunned fighters may fire as a single 100 weapon battery giving it a whopping +6 DM to hit, and the same goes for missile volleys. However, commanded ships can NOT group weapons or screens from different ships together for defense, except for firing at missile as if they were ships.

So, in short, Tacticians allow ships under his command to turn and move, and most importantly; fight, as one and have Initiative as one. Tacticians turn groups of ships into single units, allowing them to fight as one, which, incidentally, also immensely speed up large engagements. Fleet tacticians extend the allowed separation for ships under the Ship tacticians command which help immensely when attacked by nuclear missiles, more on that in another post.

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity” – Tacitus


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