This page holds links to all available downloads for Intercept and what version each part currently is at. Only the Intercept rulebook itself currently has a version number for major revisions (3.4.5 as of now), all files have date based versions for when the update was made.


It is important to use the latest version of everything as I try to keep rules changes and design system changes in synch, I also update the Ship.xls and Data.xls whenever I find a bug. Look here for the latest versions and compare with what you have so you don’t download needlessly.

The rulebook has been updated on 2018-10-30

  • Intercept.pdf current version is 2018-10-30
  • Data.xls  current version is 2018-02-11
  • Ship.xls current version is 2018-03-09
  • DataCard.pdf current version is 2018-02-09
  • Ready made datacards current versions are 2018-10-30

This contains all you need to play Intercept and to design ships for Intercept, download it here.

  • Intercept.pdf The rule book for Intercept including a section for designing ships. The last four pages can be printed out separately and used as a handy reference as all important charts and tables are duplicated there. Look at the bottom of the first page to see what version the rules have. Latest version is listed under Versions above.
  • DataCard.pdf The form for filling out combat relevant stats from your design.
  • MapTemplate.pdf A map for playing Intercept. Print three sheets, one as a common map where combat takes place and Contacts and Tracks are noted, and one for each player where the secret plotting is done. If you don’t play with the hidden movement sensor rules you only need to print one sheet. There are also mapsheets with a small planet, a large planet and earth and moon if you want to play with planets.
  • Data.xls The Excel file that should be opened first when designing ships. It holds all the tabular data for your design and you cannot edit anything in it. You can see what version of Data.xls you have by first opening Data.xls and then opening a ship design; at the top of the design data are two dates, one fr the design sheet and one for the Data.xls. Latest version is listed under Versions above.
  • Ship.xls The Excel file where you create your ship designs. Red cells must be edited, light yellow cells can be edited if you want and saturated cells are the ones that must be edited if you switch from m3 to dTons or vice versa. Updating a design to a new version of Ship.xls consist of copying yellow cells and Paste-value them into the same place on Ship.xls and when you’re done you simply save the SHip.xls over your old design, replacing it. I will try to make changes to Ship.xls as rare as possible as changes to Data.xls will automatically update your designs by simply opening them with the new Data.xls open. Latest version is listed under Versions above.
  • FreeTrader.xlsFarTrader.xls, Scout Courier.xls, and Patrol cruiser.xls These are worked examples with filled in datacards. More designs are available in the download.

This contains various ready-made ship designs as well as the Data.xls and Ship.xls Excel sheets, download it here. Latest version is listed under Versions above.

  • Azhanti.xls A preliminary version of the Azhanti High Lighting battle cruiser from GDW.
  • Close Escort.xls The Gazelle class close escort from Traders & Gunboats by GDW. The complimentary Launch is forthcoming but not yet available, the TL 12 Launch does not fit this high-tech design.
  • Launch Close escort.xls The Launch used by the Close escort and others, from Traders and Gunboats by GDW.
  • Cutter.xls The modular cutter from GDW, with 125 m3 (25 dTon) module space.
  • Cutter fuelshuttle.xls A Cutter modified to get fuel from water, ammonia or methane, as well as skimming from gas giants.
  • Survey Cruiser Donosev.xls The Donosev class Survey cruiser by GDW. Usually has a Cutter with various modules as small craft.
  • FarTrader.xls The FarTrader from Traders & Gunboats by GDW.
  • FreeTrader.xls The FreeTrader from Book 2 of the Little Black books by GDW.
  • Launch Subsidized merchant.xls The Launch used by the Subsidized merchant and others, from Traders and Gunboats by GDW.
  • Mercenary Cruiser.xls The Broadsword class mercenary cruiser by GDW. Remember to add the cost of two Cutters to the price of this one. It uses the Cutters to land troops, vehicles, supplies as the cruiser itself is too juicy a target to actually land in a battlezone.
  • Patrol cruiser.xls The Patrol cruiser is sleek, thin skinned vessel, used for customs inspections, piracy suppression, and normal safety patrols both have been known to be utilized as a yacht, naval escort and of course as a capable pirate ship.
  • Rampart fighter.xls The Rampart fighter ship used by Azhanti high lightning and other ships, by GDW.
  • Scout Courier.xls The Suleiman class type S scout/courier by GDW. This is probably the best adventurer ship there is if you do not make a living by trade. Sturdy and capable all round design. Only the Scout Courier and the Mercenary cruiser can safely land oustide  starports.
  • SDB Burgund.xls The Dragon class System Defense Boat from issue #4 of the Journal, by GDW.
  • SDB Burgund Jumpshuttle.xls  The complimentary Jumpshuttle is for the SDB, not particularly similar to the one in Traders & Gunboats, this one is more useful in my opinion.
  • Skybird.xls A small TL 15 jump capable ship by Pondwater & Smiff LIC in Spinward marches. This is a custom design from my own Traveller universe to illustrate ships smaller than 500 m3 (100 dTon) that can still be jump capable. Yes, you can build them but jump fuel is no longer 10% per Jn of hull. Instead, it is 50 m3 (10 dTon) per Jn. The Skybird is the cheapest ‘Yacht’ you can buy, all in my Traveller universe of course.
  • Subsidized Merchant.xls The famous winged subsidized merchant from Traders & Gunboats by GDW. I always wondered why a grav equipped ship would have wings in Traveller so this design tries to answer that question. An unloaded ‘sub’ have a Floater powerful enough to negate gravity (Floaters create repulsion proportional to gravity so a 1.0+ G Floater will hover on any planet) but when the ‘sub’ si loaded it must take off from a runway using its wings. This means that ‘subs’ landing or taking off from airless planets must tail land and takeoff which is nearly impossible, this is because the thrust agency is an actual fusion rocket. Compare the prize per cargo on the Subsidized merchant, FreeTrader and FarTrader to see that the ‘sub’ is easily the most economic. Yeah, those design tradeoffs where all done for profit.

After eating his first meal on the moon, the astronaut reported,”The food was good, but the place lacked atmosphere”.

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  1. […] The design system and ready-made designs have been updated as has the rule book (look at the top row for Ship.xls version and Data.xls version. Ship.xls version should be 2013-11-17 or newer). You can download the all from the Downloads page. […]

  2. […] So, we have dashing and brave squadron leaders with excellent pilot and ship tactics skills dogfighting around the capital ships and that one, ex farm boy, young pilot can happen to score a cascading damage hit through the radiators of that huge, space station like, enemy ship, a hit that might eventually, through cascading damage, blow up the entire ship, with huge amounts of sheer luck (or is it Luke?). You can download an example fighter design (among other ships) at the downloads page. […]

  3. […] I have updated the DataCard and Intercept rulebook, get ‘em while they’re hot, at the downloads page 2013-12-01 […]

  4. […] The new 3.4 version of Intercept is here and in this post I’ll try to briefly go through the changes. Aside the rulebook itself I have updated the ship design system (Ship.xls and Data.xls), the DataCard.pdf and of course all the ready made design, they are all available on the downloads page. […]

  5. Ethan McKinney Says: link goes to the intercept bundle instead. Right-hand sidebar has the correct link.

  6. […] The new version is, as usual, available here. […]

  7. […] rules have been rearranged slightly to make them easier to learn bit by bit.  The best way to learn these […]

  8. […] Page 41 cover the basic parameters of missiles and all the options to modify them, except the nuke option which is covered in the optional rules section page 23. Missile parameters are also duplicated on page 45 of the tables section at the back of the rulebook. […]

  9. […] I’ll go into more detail about some of them later on. Sorry about the long delay. Rules are hereand designs are […]

  10. […] My last article on missiles dealt with protecting against them. This time we’ll cover how to use them effectively. Missiles can be broadly be divided into Regular, Coldstart and Miscellaneous. As always, grab the latest rules, designs and design system here. […]

  11. […] task and that task will give him an Indication, a Contact or the much coveted Tracked result. Read pages 6-7 for the basics and page 18 for planets and page 22 for asteroids and there respective effects on […]

  12. […] rules for G-load as well as mission and action Fatigue can be found on page 25 of the rulebook. G-LOad is optional but quite fun, especially if you use Intercept to play out Traveller […]

  13. […] can download it all here, as usual, with the updated designs, maps […]

  14. alexandre grynagier Says:

    it seems a very nice system, where should i download it (the download link seems to be broken)? Thanks anyway for sharing about your design process, it is quite inspiring!

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